Starter Pack promotion

1. Who is eligible for participation in the price promotion?

This price promotion only applies to sellers who meet the following requirements:

  • New business sellers (“sellers”) who were invited to participate in the price promotion within the first 6 months after registering on one of the following eBay sites:,,,,,,,
  • Participation is linked to the registered eBay account and is not transferable.
  • Sellers whose country of residence is within the EU or Switzerland.
  • Sellers who meet the Seller performance standards (
  • Sellers who meet the requirements to subscribe to one of the eBay stores
    Selling with eBay Shops after filling the form below and confirming terms and conditions
  • Sellers who have been invited by the eBay-Starter Pack Team or a Partner to participate in the price promotion. eBay will make the final decision on an invitation. Individual cases will be decided by an authorized representative of the eBay-Starter Pack Team. The details of the selection procedure are up to eBay. The prerequisites for a decision on activation include:
    1. A working relationship that is deemed reliable between eBay and the seller.
    2. Dependable availability of the seller during the time frame for the price promotion.
    3. General potential and readiness for growth and further business development on the part of the seller during the time frame for the price promotion.
2. When and how will the registration for the price promotion take place?
  • Registration opens on 15th of May 2022 and remains open until it is canceled by eBay.
  • Sellers must complete below form and agree to terms and conditions to participate in the promotion
  • eBay will activate the various components of the price promotion. The price promotions will become effective during the subsequent week and will thereafter be visible in the eBay account of the sellers.
  • The commercial sellers will be eligible to participate in the promotion for a free anchor store as soon as the price promotion is visible in the section for store subscriptions. Sellers who already have a basic or top shop can get an upgrade for a free anchor shop. Sellers with active Anchor store subscription will not be able to participate in the promotion, unless they cancel their current subscription and open a new anchor store once the free store option will be visible in the eBay account of the sellers
3. What is included in the price promotion?

This price promotion includes:

  • A free eBay anchor store subscription for six months on the site the seller registered on (,,,,,,, The six month period starts as soon as the monthly subscription of an anchor store is initiated.
  • No final value fee for all items sold on,,,,,,,,,,, and during the first 100 days after activation of the price promotion.
  • All other fees (insertion fees and fees for optional features such as Gallery Plus, subtitles etc.) are not included in the price promotion and are charged as usual. It should be noted, however, that the free anchor store subscription includes the listing fees for up to 250 auction listings with a duration of 7 or 10 days and for an unlimited number of fixed price listings per month.
  • eBay reserves the right to terminate the benefits of the price promotion for individual sellers if the prerequisites for the activation of the price promotion listed under item 1 are not met.
4. Additional information
  • Note: The free subscription for the eBay Shop starts on the day of registration for the eBay Shop and runs for six months. Thereafter the subscription transitions automatically into a monthly anchor store subscription based on fees applied in respective seller registration sites.
  • In order to avoid the fee for the monthly subscription after the free subscription period ends you must cancel your shop subscription by 11:59:59 pm (CET) on the day before the expiration of the free subscription. To cancel your subscription, please go to My eBay, click on Subscriptions and then on Cancel Subscription.
  • Sellers who do not meet the performance standards for sellers are not eligible for participation. Please log in to My eBay and check in your seller dashboard to see if your eBay account meets the performance standards. The regular final value fees will be charged if the performance standards are not met during the duration of the price promotion. This information will not appear in My eBay if you have completed fewer than 10 sales. However, you will be notified by email if your account no longer meets the performance standards for sellers.
  • Identical listings which violate our duplicate listings policy are excluded from the price promotion.
  • Listings which violate our seller policies, or the prohibited items policies are excluded from the price promotion.
  • This price promotion does not affect other price promotions. In particular, benefits that have been granted as part of other promotions will not be credited.
  • eBay reserves the right to temporarily suspend, to modify or to terminate this price promotion at any point. eBay also reserves the right to add additional prerequisites for the participation in this price promotion or to remove or modify existing requisites.
  • Listings in the following categories are excluded from the free final value fee program:
    • Cars & Motorcycles: Vehicles
    • Motor vehicle service upon request
    • Real Estate
    • Motorboats
    • Sailboats
    • Other Boats
    • Bullion

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