Coded coupons

Create and share your own discount codes for buyers.

Available from

Go to Seller Hub > Marketing tab > Create a Promotion > Coupon

Available to

store subscribers

What are coded coupons?

Coded coupons enable you to offer your buyers a discount through a coupon code. You can share coded coupons publicly (on or privately through your own marketing channels. These new coded coupons replace the previous codeless coupons.

When do you use coded coupons?

With a range of promotional tools available to you as a seller, it’s worth being tactical about which to use when. Coded coupons could be the right choice if you want to:

Send a printed coupon code in your order to encourage repeat purchases.

Control your budget and protect your margins with options like minimum spend, expiry date, budget, etc.

Offer a discount to customers instead of adjusting the item price.

Sharing Coupons

Share on eBay
  • On your search results page
  • On your listing page
  • At checkout
Share off eBay
  • Print and send a coupon to buyers to incentivize another purchase
  • Share your coupon code on social media
  • Send your coupon code to specific buyers or friends

Create and customize your coupon codes

Offer a set price reduction.


$ 10 off over $ 50. Ends 31 May 2021. Terms and Conditions apply.

Offer a percentage discount.

20% OFF

Min spend $ 20. Max discount $ 40. Ends 30 Sep 2021.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Make a multi-item offer.


Ends 30 Sep 2021. Terms and Conditions apply.


Did you know?

If you share your coupon on eBay, your terms (max. discount, min. spend, expiry date etc.) will automatically be displayed on your listings and the seller offer page. If you share them off eBay, make sure your terms are clearly visible and you provide a link to the Buyer Terms and Conditions.

Setup is easy in Seller Hub

To create a coupon, log into Seller Hub /sh/mkt

Generate your desired code

Set requirements, e.g. type of discount and max budget

Pick inventory and launch

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